Report Banded Turkey

Thank you for visiting our website to report your harvested turkey. Below the following instructions is a google form in which you can enter information which is found on the bands and transmitter on your banded turkey. Most (but not all) marked turkeys will have 2 bands, one on each leg.


The butt-end band has a 3 digit number (e.g 001) that we will use to identify the turkey you harvest. The rivet band has a 1-letter, 3-digit number code (e.g. T001) that can be used to identify the bird in the case that the butt-end band falls off. Please report all bands found on the turkey as it will allow for us to more accurately use the information to estimate population size.

In addition to the bands, you will be asked to report if your turkey has a transmitter anywhere on its body. The transmitter may sit as a necklace around the neck or as a backpack around the wings. In the early phases of the project, additional tags were used to identify turkeys from a distance. If you harvest a turkey with one of these bands, please indicate that in the “Additional Information” section.